I also love working in 3D from fabrics to furniture. Here are some examples of my current designs and I hope to use this space as a blog for projects underway


Free hand sketching with a sewing machine is like colouring outside the lines! No rules!

I've been selling my headbands in various colours at markets in and around Bristol. I sell them for £10 each to cover the cost of the lovely soft alpaca wool. If you'd like one, I make them in a range of colours and 1 size fits all. Just get in touch. I'm currently working on a summer range using jersey rather than wool.


A friend who knows my passion for all things design and crafty, gave me this tiny free hand sewing machine! It's so cute and makes an amazing sound as you spin the wheel, I can't believe people used to make clothes with it takes alot of patience!



My new wood shelves made from old scaffolding planks - also supporting the Bristol Wood Recycling Project. Just £3 and definitely more interesting than anything from ikea. I wonder what buildings and people they have supported over the years...